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Our school is fully equipped with Montessori materials which allow the child to develop cognitive and fine motor skills.  These sequential learning materials are arranged on the shelves in a logical order from the concrete to the abstract, from the simple to the complex.  There are five main areas in the prepared environment.

Practical Life

As the child engages in the activities of daily living, he develops greater fine motor skills, physical coordination and a sense of order.


Through the use of manipulative materials, the child acquires the concepts of number, quantity and the various mathematical operations.

Cultural Subjects

Creative expression is encouraged through art and music activities.  Basic geography and science are also part of the curriculum.


Discrimination skills are developed as the child orders and classifies objects by length, width, color, etc.


The child learns the phonetic sounds of the letters which gives him the foundation needed for writing and reading.

Outdoor Activities

Exercise and physical activity are extremely valuable for children.  Playground time is a fun and important part of each day.  In addition to developing their muscles and coordination, the children have opportunity to socialize, be creative and learn problem solving skills.


"The New World Montessori School is a place where my son budded into a socially confident, caring, and smart child.  This school taught our son 'he can do it'.. and became a genuine lover of learning."


"Thank you, New World Montessori School, you truly deserve your stellar reputation in the community!"




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