The Montessori Method

The Montessori Method is a child centered approach to education.  Within a carefully designed environment, the child is permitted to choose his own activities.  As the child works with the materials, he is busy making self-discoveries while also developing concentration and acquiring life skills.  Certified teachers provide individualized instruction, thereby enabling the child to progress at his own rate. 


Fostering independence is essential to healthy growth and development.  In her observation of children, Dr. Maria Montessori, the originator of the Montessori Method and materials, discovered that any unnecessary help given to a child is an obstacle to his development.  Hence, we strive to honor the child’s plea, “Help me to do it myself,” by assisting him to gain the skills he needs to accomplish his goals.


The Montessori classroom is arranged according to five major areas of the curriculum.


Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, and Cultural Activities  (Click here to learn more)



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"The New World Montessori School is a place where my son budded into a socially confident, caring, and smart child.  This school taught our son 'he can do it'.. and became a genuine lover of learning."


"Thank you, New World Montessori School, you truly deserve your stellar reputation in the community!"




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